Friday, May 04, 2012

Fashion Silver Earrings

Sterling silver is a fantastic base for earrings. This finish allows for any number of designs.

It can also receive coatings in other colors like black and gold to make a unique statement.

Our collection of silver earrings contains thousands of options from which to select.

You can find conservative solitaires or outlandish dangles in this collection. Many contain gemstones inlaid. The design options are just about endless in this vast collection.

If you want a set of unique earrings, look through this collection of silver earrings. They will give you just about anything you can envision.

They also make great gifts for loved ones in your life who love to wear unique jewelry pieces. With the gemstones and color options in this collection, the number of pieces to suit anyone’s tastes is there. From modern geometric designs to classic Victorian pieces, they are in this collection. All you need to do is shop around to find them.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Gold Beaded Jewelry for Valentin's Day

A new twist on one of the oldest jewelry design beaded jewelry. This time around the beads are made of gold. Gold beaded jewelry is fast becoming the newest elegant trend for gold jewelry. These gold beads can be strung easily and creatively. So, instead of a string of pearls we have a string of gold beads.

gold beaded jewelry

Today’s jewelry trend is to find something different and unique to your style and mood. The elegance of gold is always appealing. Now with new methods of designing the gold, your choices of pieces of gold you may want to adorn yourself with has increased. Gold beaded jewelry is just such a choice. Elegant, and trendy.

fashion beaded jewelry

The gold beaded jewelry can come in earrings, as hoops, or connected to make a jewelry design, or dangles, flapper necklaces, bracelets, charms, pendants, rings, and watches. The gold beads can be solid and connected by molding or through a heated process.

beaded jewelry for Valentin's Day

The beads can be small or large. They can be made into half hoops, endless hoops or made into specific designed items. The gold beaded jewelry can be made as a necklace called gold beaded chains.

The gold beaded jewelry is usually made from 14 Karat yellow Gold, but white gold is also available. On occasions you might find a gold beaded necklace that features are diamond cut circular beads with an alternating high polish miniature beaded link design. Bangle bracelets are another popular gold beaded jewelry item. Sometimes you will be able to find tricolor gold beads.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Natural Emerald Rings are the best choice for Lovers

It is a common knowledge that for centuries the saga of emerald has been found to enthrall people in general by the virtue of its beauty. Apart from this it has remained as a treasured jewel being the symbol of love and for that reason people has tired to present their beloved natural emerald rings. Again, sharing the dais with the other valuable gems in the whole world, emeralds have been surrounded for centuries both by folklore and mysticism and has also been said to possess supernatural powers all the way through history.

But not only this there are also other prominent reasons for which people try in all means to have the natural emerald rings. In this context the most important reason is that this dazzlingly colored gemstone has been historically thought to bequeath good luck on its owner, and instill virtues like the mental clarity, wisdom and youth. The success of the natural emerald rings was such that in the ancient Egypt the native Egyptians used to observe the practice of burying emeralds with their dead bodies, driven by the belief that they would grant perpetual youth.

In this way the natural emerald rings were indeed subjects of high regard, and also of worship, especially in the ancient civilizations of the Incas and also Aztecs. Besides this the natural emerald rings happen to be a variety of Beryl, which is a mineral occurring in a range of colors from colorless to pink to green to red. In this context the most widely known forms of beryl are its blue variety, aquamarine, and its green variety, the emerald. The inclusions in emeralds as different from other types of gems are in addition allowed as a natural feature, and vibrant, intense green color attributes more to an emerald's value than the presence or absence of flaws within it.

What is more in the global spectrum the nation of Columbia happens to be the origin of some of the most beautiful and valuable emeralds resulting into the formation of natural emerald rings in the world. The basic reason behind such international fame of the Columbian emeralds is nothing except their deep green hue absent a devaluing blue tint. In this way a bulk of the supply of emerald do hail from Columbia and most of them are found to have their origin in the same areas mined by ancient civilizations. Not only this Emeralds are also mined in other areas all through the world including Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, and Russia, to name a few. Indeed the emeralds are set in all styles of jewelry. A single emerald is quite enough to make natural emerald rings or manifold smaller emeralds may be set surrounding a larger stone, a popular design for diamond rings.